Free Special Thank You Gift with your Online Order

Special FREE Gift – Coconut Bowl

FREE Coconut Bowl – choose Rough or Smooth Design

As a Special Thank you for your Support during these times we are giving you a FREE Coconut Bowl with your Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co Order.

You can choose between a Smooth Coconut Bowl or Rough Coconut Bowl.


  1. Once you have completed an Online Order at Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co, you will receive a “Coupon Code” in your Order Email from Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co.
  2. Proceed to Eco Earth Homewares Website
  3. Feel free to have a look around at the Eco Earth Homewares website and see what else we have on offer.
  4. Go to Coconut Bowls and then Purchase either a Coconut Bowl – Rough OR Coconut Bowl – Smooth.
  5. When you proceed to Checkout, you will then use the “Coupon Code” that you were sent in your Order Email and you will see that it has taken the $9.95 off your order.
  6. PLEASE MAKE THIS ORDER WITHIN 24 hours – so that we can get your Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co order out as soon as possible.

Thanking you for your Order


see images of designs below


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